Traffic Defense

women sitting in car being pulled over by police officer*WARNING:  One ticket on your record can negatively impact your car insurance rates! Call the Bond Law Office to avoid higher rates.

  • Call now to save your license!
  • Kansas is a moving violation State. Having too many moving violations can result in a license suspension.
  • Missouri is a point system State. Having too many points from pleading guilty to a traffic violation can result in a license suspension.

Call the Bond Law Office for a free consultation and fee quote before pleading guilty and paying for a traffic ticket. The use of an automobile is a necessity in the Midwest. Rely on the Bond Law Office to help keep you on the road. This office researches every ticket to ensure accuracy, researches Google Maps street-view to see the event the way you and the officer saw it, investigates the machine(s) used to calculate speed, and explores every possible defense to secure a dismissal or to amend the ticket to a non-moving violation.

The Bond Law Office can assist with all traffic-related tickets including the following:

  • Improper lane usage
  • Speeding
  • No Insurance
  • No Driver’s License
  • No License Plate
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure to Stop
  • Driving While Suspended